Check Out Daily Astrological Prediction for Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Other Zodiac Signs

The horoscope predicts that the day August 11 will be lucky for Taurus if they are looking forward to start a new work. Gemini are advised not to share their mistakes with anyone, while people with Virgo sun sign should not trust any stranger. Legal hurdles might block the way for Leo, while Cancer and Scorpio will have a successful day in marriage-related matters. Changing weather might lead to health problems in Capricorn, while Pisces will get success in interviews.


Aries should stay away from bad company

Your relations with high-ranking officials will remain cordial. Some hurdles might crop up at your workplace. You should stay away from bad company and if you are planning to travel, then be careful. You are advised to not do anything in haste. The sun sign is ruled by planet Mars, therefore, add red or shades of red in your outfit. Lucky number and alphabets are 1,8 and A,L,E.


Luck day for Taurus to start new work

Today, you might organize religious programs. If you are planning to start new work, then the day is lucky. You will get money from share market and mutual funds. You will also face some disputes with business partners. People associated with politics should be worried about their reputation. As Venus is your rashi lord, number 2,7, colour white, and alphabets Ba, Va, and U will be very lucky for you.


Gemini must avoid confronting opponents directly

Avoid confronting your opponents directly. Today, you will be able to put your creative ability to some good use. There will be acidity and gas-related problems. Don’t share your mistakes with anyone. Wear bright yellow colour today. Numbers 3,6 and letters Ka, Chha, Gha will guide you today and remember Mercury is your Rashi Lord.


Cancer mild behaviour will be appreciated

Some much-awaited work will start today. The chances of purchasing new property are high. Your mild behaviour will be appreciated. Unmarried people might get married or talks for their marriage will begin. Progress of your children will bring you happiness. White or milky white is the lucky colour for you and Moon rules your sign. The lucky number for your sun sign is 4 and lucky letters are Da, Ha.


People will take inspiration from Leo

Your reputation at office will increase and people will take inspiration from you. You will get the full support of your life partner. Some legal hurdles might block your way andcolleagues might disagree with your ideology. For luck, induce golden colour in your outfit or carry a golden handkerchief. Sun is the ruling planet for your sun sign, the number 5 and alphabets Ma, Ta will guide you today.


Virgo must make decisions practically

Your rights in job will increase. It is suggested that you don’t trust strangers too much. After noon, your stagnated work might change. Make decisions practically. Though work pressure will increase atthe office, at the end of the day you will be proud of your achievements. The rashi lord for Virgo is planet Mercury, therefore, colour green will be lucky for you. Numbers 3,8 and letters Pa, Tha, Na will guide you, today.


Libra likely to be confused about their plans

You will be a bit confused about your plans. Try taking control of your expenses. Be careful about big deals in your workplace. Consider the advice of your elders. Planet Venus rules your sign, therefore, numbers 2,7 and letters Ra, Ta, will be lucky for you. To keep your mind stable and calm, color white will be useful.


Scorpio will get more money than expected in businesses

Disputes regarding property will be settled today. You will get more money than you expected in businesses. Unmarried people might get married or the talks might commence. You will get success in judicial matters. People from IT and software sectors will perform well today. Red is your lucky color as Mars rules your sign. Numbers 1,8 and alphabets Na, Ya will guide you today.


Sagittarius people associated with media might get respect

People associated with the media might get respect today. Heat can lead to some sort of allergic problems. You are advised not to interfere in the family matters of others. The day is going to be excellent for doctors. The color yellow, numbers 9, 11, and letters Bha, Dha, Pha, Dha will bring you luck.


Capricorn likely to face health problems

Changing weather may lead to health problems. People doing private jobs are likely to get promotions. If you are in the engineering field, you will face somefinancial gains. You can alsoshop for antique items. The Rashi lord is Saturn for Capricorn, so the lucky color is Cyan, lucky letters are Kha and Ja, while numbers 10, 11 are lucky you.


Aquarius must control their egoistic nature

You are requested to get control of your egoistic nature. Friendship can turn into a love relationship today. Take care of your mother’s health. There is a possibility of a rift between husband and wife, you are also advised to respect other’s feelings. You will remain uninspired during your job. For you too, the Rashi lord in Staurn, therefore, the lucky colour and numbers remain the same as Aquarius. But lucky letter for you are Ga, Sa, Sha, and Sh.


A profitable day in business for Pisces

The Business investments made today will increase economic profits. Students can get admission in higher educational institutions. If any interviews are lined up, it will yield a positive result. Stalled government work is expected to begin. For the Pisces, the Rashi lord is Jupiter and yellow is the lucky colour. Numbers 9, 12, and alphabets Da, Cha, Jha, Tha will guide you throughout the day.

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