Kerala Issues Guidelines For Vaccination; All Above 60, Those Bedridden Above 18 To be Jabbed Once By Aug 15

The Kerala government has issued guidelines to enable the vaccination of its people.  Among other things, the govt will be conducting several campaigns giving at least the first dose to those above 60 and bedridden patients above 18 within August 15.

District Collectors are also required to coordinate with Health Department for planning vaccination,  with the Police and Civil Society to ensure proper arrangements at Vaccination centres.


i. All elderly people of age 60 years and above who have not yet received the first dose to be covered before August 15, 2021.

ii. The ward wise list of people above 60 and who have not yet received the first dose shall be prepared and under proper arrangements, the vaccination sessions

shall be conducted.


i. All bedridden patients above 18 years of age to be identified and vaccinated by

August 15 2021.

ii. The mobile vaccination unit to be deployed to do vaccination of all remaining

bedridden patients.


i. After completing the above two segments, depending on the availability of

vaccines for rest of the segments the vaccination to be planned and conducted


ii. The principle adapted is to ensure vulnerability reduction of most at risk by

ensuring the first dose to such individuals, as the rate of fatality is more among

the people with comorbidities.

iii. People can register online in CoWIN portal and book the vaccination session.

50% of slots are open for online registration and 50% shall be earmarked for

spot registration.

iv. People registering online shall ensure that they are registering in the

Panchayath/ Municipality/ Corporation they reside, preferably in the same

ward. If any registration is done outside the residing Panchayath/Municipality/ Corporation, such individuals will be asked to avail vaccination from their residing Panchayath/ Municipality/ Corporation as per the availability of vaccines. Therefore all people are instructed to register in their residing local


v. The prioritization of the Vaccination within the Ward is done based on the following order of priority.

vi. Beneficiaries for the 50% spot registration slots will be selected strictly in the order of the following priority:

a. Beneficiaries above 60 years who are due for a second dose

b. All bedridden individuals above 18 years – due for the second dose

c. Beneficiaries 45-60 years with comorbidities – first dose. Beneficiaries 18-44 years with comorbidities. – first dose

e. Beneficiaries 45-60 years with comorbidities – second dose

f. Beneficiaries 18-44 years with comorbidities – second dose

g. 18 years above -Priority groups notified by the State government so far. Others 18 years above up to 44 yrs (Not having any comorbidity, healthy

individual) in descending order of the age. (Give vaccine first to the older


At the ward level, the lists will be kept ready based on the above-mentioned order of precedent. These ward level lists are to be appropriately consolidated and allocated to the respective Covid Vaccination Centres in the respective Local Body.

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