Mentally Challenged Haryana Youth Chained For a Decade Rescued By NGO

A mentally challenged youth was living a wretched life as he was tied with chains for almost a decade now in Ambala district of Haryana. Patiala-based NGO Mera Aashiyana on Monday evening rescued the youth from his house at Fatehpur village of the district.

“We came to rescue the youth after the village head of Fatehpur informed us about a youth tied to chains from the last one decade by his family members,” said a member of Mera Aashiyana to the media.

The chained youth has been identified as Sarabjit.

The family of three was living in one room of a depleted house in the village. “The rescued youth was tied in chains at one corner of the house. While, Sarabjit’s brother and mother lived in the other corner of the room,” added an NGO member.

“It seems the house has not been cleaned for years. Seeing the condition of the room it seemed Sarabjit used to defecate and urinate in the place where he was tied. As we entered the house, we could not stand inside even for seconds as the room was stinking of urine and stool,” said a member of the NGO.

The NGO members added that it took them several hours to rescue the youth from the house. “It seems the chain and the lock used to shackle Sarabjit was never changed. The chains and the lock were rusting,” said an NGO member.

The NGO members also found out that the youth’s mother is also mentally challenged. “When we were trying to rescue the youth, the victim’s mother was sitting in one corner of the room and she was staring at us,” added another member of the NGO.

They further added that when they tried to talk to her she was only mumbling and not responding to their questions properly. “While having a conversation with her, we learnt that she wanted Sarabjit to be normal and to get the best treatment for him. However, she was unable to provide her two sons a good and healthy life due to her financial conditions,” said the NGO worker.

After rescuing the youth they gave him his first bath almost after 10 years and properly cleaned the house.

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