Pakistan National Assembly condemns attack on Hindu temple in Punjab, passes resolution

Pakistan National Assembly on Friday unanimously passed a resolution condemning attack on a Hindu temple in Bhong city of Punjab province and assured stern action against the culprits.

The resolution adopted by Pakistan National Assembly resolved to protect the places of worship of minorities.

“Parliament is committed to protect rights of minorities and provide full protection to their places of worship,” Pakistan National Assembly said while passing the resolution condemning the Hindu temple attack.

The development comes after a mob attacked a Hindu temple in Pakistan’s Punjab province. The attackers burned down parts of it and damaged idols of deities on Wednesday.

Hundreds of people, carrying sticks, stones and bricks attacked the temple, burning parts of it and damaging the idols in Bhong area of the Rahimyar Khan district of Punjab province after a Pakistani court released a nine-year-old Hindu boy, who was arrested for allegedly urinating in a local seminary, according to news agency PTI.

A police officer said the boy was arrested last week and booked under the blasphemy laws but subsequently released on bail for being a minor. “The situation got out of control after the court granted bail to the boy,” he said.

On Friday, the Pakistan Supreme Court also pulled up authorities for failing to stop an attack on a Hindu temple in Bhong city of Punjab province.

The apex court also ordered the arrests of the culprits. No arrests have been made so far in related to the Hindu temple attack in Pakistan’s Punjab province.

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On Friday, ruling Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf parliamentarian Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani while narrating the entire incident in Pakistan National Assembly, said: “I had an eye on this incident from day one and we were in touch with the administration regarding this. In this case, a minor child has been in jail for two days.”

“The Chief Justice of Pakistan himself is looking into the matter. In the decision taken this morning, it has been said that the culprits should be arrested at the earliest and punished according to the law. Along with this, the expenses of the damage caused in the temple should be recovered from those responsible for this incident.”

Meanwhile, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam’s leader and MP Maulana Salahuddin Ayubi, while speaking in Pakistan National Assembly, linked the Hindu temple attack incident to “terrorism”.

“There is nothing like what is being told in this incident by linking a child to a madrasa. It should be investigated whether this matter happened from madrasa or common people did it. This whole matter is related to terrorism. This cannot happen without terrorism,” Salahuddin Ayubi said.

Other MPs in Pakistan National Assembly said the “country also belongs to the minorities” as much as it belonged to others.

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