Patient Recites Gayatri Mantra During Brain Tumor Surgery In Jaipur Hospital

The doctors of a private hospital in Rajasthan’s Jaipur have conducted a complex surgery and successfully removed a brain tumor of a 57-year-old retired army Havildar. The patient, currently serving as a gram sevak, has undergone surgery conducted by a Neuro-surgery team led by Senior Neurosurgeon Dr KK Bansal at Narayana Hospital, Jaipur.

The doctors successfully performed the operation for four hours on the patient without sedating him. Patient Ridhmal Ram from Churu kept chanting the Gayatri Mantra during this medical miracle.

According to the doctors, Ridhmal was suffering from episodes of seizure and temporary loss of speech. In the diagnostic reports, it was confirmed that he had a brain tumor in the speech area of the Brain. The doctors said that a brain tumor was present in such an area that there were high chances of loss of speech and possible paralysis upon surgery. Even a small mistake during surgery could have resulted in the patient losing his ability to speak. Hence surgery was performed on him without making him unconscious. During the surgery, the patient was instructed to move his fingers and toes repeatedly.

During the surgery, a high-end microscope was used to see the brain area closely. Such surgeries are being done only at select hospitals in the country.

Ridhmal was awake throughout and he kept reciting Gayatri Mantra as the surgery was being performed on him. This unique neuro-surgical procedure in medical terms is known as “Awake Craniotomy” or “Awake Brain Surgery”. This surgery is performed by select neuro-surgeons across the globe to remove tumors that are located close to areas that control vision, speech, and important body movements.

Dr Bansal said that in normal surgery the patient is sedated. But in this case, there was a danger of speech impairment for life and hence the patient was asked to remain awake.

“Patient was asked to chant the Gayatri Mantra and move his fingers. His prompt response helped in carrying out the surgery safely. The patient also read a newspaper during the operation,” he said.

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